• Security situation due to militant groups and inter-community tensions have led to the closure of high number of schools. Thousands of students still unable to attend school while others were forced to be displaced internally or to neighboring countries where situation is not that much better.
  • Notable trend in Burkina Faso during month of February 2019 that continued to early March is violent acts against Fulani communities. Such a trend was only apparent in Mali but now is increasing in Burkina Faso as well. There was one incident where allegedly Burkinabe forces killed 30 civilians in the Sahel Region February 24th, while also accused of other executions during a military operations in Est Region on February 4th. For months now teachers abandoned their posts and schools are closed leaving young children facing an uncertain future. There are no signs of optimism or improvements in Sahel, Est, and Nord Regions while situation continues to deteriorate in other regions on the border with Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, and Ghana. Will be naïve to take the situation lightly as things developing faster than anticipated.