By Rida Lyammouri

January 31, 2017

December 2016 by the numbers:

  • At least 27 attacks conducted by violent extremist organizations (VEOs) recorded in December 2016. Ansar al-Din officially claimed 17 out of the 27 attacks through its media arm al-Rimah.
  • Out of 27 attacks Malian forces were targeted 12 times, Barkhane forces 6 times, MINUSMA 6 times, and civilians 3 times.
  • Out of 27 attacks 11 took place in Kidal Region, 4 in Gao Region, 3 in Timbuktu Region, 5 in Mopti Region, 3 in Segou Region, and 1 in Sikasso Region.
  • Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were used in 11 attacks out of 27. Ambush and rocket also used by VEOs in more complex attacks.
  • Total of casualties: 4; the wounded: 6. At least 4 Malian soldiers killed and 6 wounded in December 2016. Also at least 1 Malian soldier taken.
  • At least 7 armed robberies registered during the month of December 2016, mostly in Central Mali. Attacks also resulted casualties and injuries among civilians.
  • Month of December witnessed the kidnapping of French/Swiss aid worker who was based in Gao city, Gao Region. As of 31 JAN 17 no group claimed responsibility.

For detailed report here is the pdf: December 2016 Security Incidents in Mali